Surly Pugsley Frameset MD Candied Yam Orange

Pugsley is the ultimate off-road touring and exploration rig.
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Maximalist off-road tourists, explorers looking to get off the beaten path, and survivalists for whom being stranded isn’t an option will all appreciate Pugsley’s wide footprint, long and stable wheelbase, and a plethora of accessory mounts.

Since way back in twenty-aught-three, Pugsley has seen it all: intercontinental bikepacking trips, bushwhacking at its finest, mirages in the desert, and countless souls taking on the Arrowhead 135 ultra-endurance race. It’s seen some, shall we say, sticky situations, but it always finds its way out.

“Any bike will get you out there. Pugsley will get you home.”

The Pugsley may be the original fat bike, but this one is far from the original. Previously a great all-around fat bike, the Pugsley has been redesigned to be an ideal off-road touring and exploration rig.

  • 100% Surly 4130 CroMoly frame, main triangle is double-butted; 1-1/8" threadless brazed CroMoly fork
  • Four sets of Three-Pack Mounts (two on the fork, two on the downtube), a water bottle mount on the seat tube, and front and rear rack mounts
  • 142 x 12mm rear dropout (or 135 x 10mm QR with Surly 10/12 Adapters Washers) with Rohloff torque arm slot
  • 135mm-space fork with 17.5mm offset for wheel swappability
  • 26" x 4.8" tire clearance in the frame (with drivetrain restrictions), 26" x 4.3" tire clearance in the fork
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