ESI Grips Chunky MTB Grip

Recommended for grip shift and riders looking for the best shock absorbing grip in the industry!
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Not long ago, the ESI Chunky Mountain Bike Grips were a well-kept secret of elite endurance racers. But, the secret is out, and you're now able to experience the smooth ride and all-conditions control that these silicone wonder-grips have become so well known for.

ESI's grips are built from silicone for a host of reasons. Chief among them is the vibration damping that silicone provides. Basically, these are much more effective than a standard grip at canceling out high frequency vibrations, which ultimately leads to numbness and pain in the hands. It's especially noticeable during long rides, but the benefits will be apparent every time that you hop on your bike. Silicone is grippy stuff, which is good news, because that grip works in both directions. As a result, the grips are secured not only to your hands, but to your handlebars as well. In fact, when installed per the instructions, these grips stick firmly to handlebars, even in the rain. And naturally, they provide a solid hold for your hands, regardless of sweat or dirt. Better yet, because silicone has memory, these grips will break in to the shape of your hand, providing a custom-fit that gets better the more that you ride them.

The Chunky grips have a medium thickness that works well for most riders. Riders with smaller hands, or those who prefer thinner grips, will be better served by the ESI Racer's Edge grip.

The ESI Chunky Grips are available in one size but can be cut down to smaller sizes if required (if you have grip shifters, for example). Please refer to the included instructions for correct installation. We have linked to some useful videos in the Videos tab here as well.

  • Made with silicone
  • Optimal vibration damping
  • Custom fit
  • UV Resistant - Non-Porous - Will not harden or fade
  • Latex free



Grip Shift or Custom Sizes

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