Why Happy Earth?

1. Integrity. We have a personal relationship with every one of our suppliers and our bike shops. We stand behind our word.

2. Quality. We partner with companies that make world-leading products and guarantee their products.

3. We know what works in the Indian market. We are founded by a husband/wife duo that have traveled widely and lived in India, Britain, Holland and the USA. We have rare insight into both sides of the supply chain.

4. We are bikers. We use every product we carry.

5. We run a lean operation designed to keep margins low and pass on cost benefits to the consumer. This gives us a critical advantage in the price-sensitive Indian market.

Note: We supply to independent bike shops. If you are a consumer, please contact your local bike shop (See our dealer list). We supply to most good bicycle shops in major cities and towns. If you are a bicycle shop wanting to stock our brands, do get in touch.