An entirely new product – the WPL ForkBoost Lube

Hi all, Arvind here with an update. We recently added a full line of lubricants from Whistler Performance Lubricants of Canada. All WPL products are bio-based, which means no petroleum ingredients, and completely bio-degradable. Great for you and great for the planet.

The product I wanted to highlight today is the ForkBoost lube, which WPL describes as below.

However, I found this short video on YouTube which just lets you see what it does in 90 seconds!

Keeping dirt out of your seals and fork stanchions is a no-brainer and this useful lube does exactly that. I also love how this user applies the ForkBoost lube with his bare fingers, which is perfectly fine because this is a bio-based lube and is not harmful to you! Applying just a little lube does the job and your bottle should go a long way without any wasted overflow.

You can find the ForkBoost lube on our website. The MRP is an attractive Rs. 699. Keep your suspension smooth with a regular dab and wipe.

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