Add some functional bling!

What’s life without a little colour? When spending good money on components, it is good to have choices. For a while now, we’ve been offering bicycle components from Chris King USA for your builds. CK offers top-shelf headsets, BBs and hubs in a variety of colours.

Chris King Headsets


To take things further, we now offers a selection of skewers and seat collars from Salsa Cycles. These are available in multiple colours, many of which match the CK components.



What does this mean? Let’s look at some possibilities. If this is your headset




See what you can do by adding a red seat collar


Adds a nice touch, does it not? Here’s a Cross Check built with dual scheme in black and red. Black seat collar and red skewers to match the headset.


Like it? The possibilities are many – let your imagination run wild. That Cross Check above (built by Blue Lug) also brings in a little red from the Gevenalle shifters and cable housing.


You can also add colour to your bikes in the form of coloured rims, spoke nipples, bottle cages, pedals, bar tape, bar end caps and handlebar grips. We have multiple colour options for all these, in addition to the previously mentioned cable housing, shifters, headsets, BBs, hubs, skewers and seatpost clamps.

We look forward to our friends and customers expressing their creativity and individuality with these options. Let’s make extraordinary bikes, let’s bring your dreams to life.

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