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Guest post: Kinetic Road Machine Smart

Customer Narayanan G of Bangalore reached out to us yesterday with a review about his experience with the Kinetic Road Machine Smart. We love unsolicited feedback like this and are lucky to have passionate customers. Here is what he had to say.


Some of you may know already, I ride a Btwin Triban 3 Road bike from 2013. Prior to that I used to ride a Btwin Rockrider 5.1 and I sold it to get onto a road bike. Until 2015, I used to ride my bikes more and also done a few 120 + KM rides on weekends. However from year 2015 to 2016 my rides have come down gradually to almost a complete stop in 2016. These were the excuses:

  • Traffic near my residence have increased drastically and also one-ways introduced. Wrong side driving on one ways is common and lots of accidents in vicinity
  • Pollution increase, and breathing in more and more bad air and toxins during rides
  • Cannot ride daily due to office timings and distance. I stay at Bangalore – Whitefield and work in ECity. Almost 28-29 km distance one way. I take the office bus daily and leave by 6:45 AM and reach home back by 7:30 PM or later.
  • Office commute by bicycle was not an option owing to distance, pollution, laptops to carry, dress code at office and traffic issues and worry about accidents.
  • Just riding on week end was not enough, and strength/endurance was getting reduced. Couldn’t do more than 30K/day during those week ends in 2016.
  • Some personal stuff or more excuses, even the week end rides gets called off, leaving to no rides.
  • 2-3 minor accidents during 2016 rides, in one instance I rammed onto a motorcycle guy when he just overtook me and suddenly stopped.

Leaving the bike hanging onto the wall hanger, I almost decided to sell it since I was not finding a viable solution to the issues I was facing. Also the body mass kept increasing and reached a point of feeling lethargic, bloat like feeling and having joint pains.

I badly wanted to restart my cycling and stumbled upon few articles, videos about Home trainers for bicycle. On doing more reading and research, I started thinking about buying one since the trainer almost solved most of the imp issues I was facing.

Mainly came across home trainer from Decathlon (MRP 8K approx) and Kinetic (starting from 20K). I was able to personally check out both and ride them with my bike for some good amount of time, to help me with my decision. Decided to buy Kinetic Fluid Smart Trainer (MRP 30K INR), which comes with inbuilt sensors which can connect to Mobile Apps. Using which we can track the rides and monitor the Time, Distance, Speed, Cadence etc.

Narayanan’s trainer setup

Things I liked about Kinetic Smart Trainer:

  • Rides smooth and almost feels like riding on real road-like. Simple to setup and use. Decathlon home trainer felt more jerky/vibrating
  • Superb build quality, feels strong and sturdy. the flywheel and the resistance unit is built-to-last. Decathlon home trainer felt more plastic/Chinese
  • The amount of research gone into the trainer is obvious. And the options you get to customize / enhance your training options are also more.
  • The confidence from product dealership and availability of lifetime warranty was confidence inspiring. I personally saw few instances where warranty replacements done with new units
  • Seamless connectivity to Mobile App. More than 3 months of almost daily usage, not even one instance of connectivity issue (on iPhone App).
  • Mobile App keeps a track of all trainings history. Can see your progress over weeks/months
  • Helped my ride my loving bike inside my home. I was able to ride at least 5-6 days of the week during last 3 months. No worry about accidents, pollution etc
  • Gave me flexibility to ride whenever I get time, irrespective of day and time and weather. Just get onto the bike and ride, just switch on Bluetooth on phone and connect. And stop when you need to stop.
  • Ride listening to music / watching TV. I realized the intensity of the training changed based on the track I was listening
  • Trainer helped me overcome the challenges I faced, and I didn’t have to sell my current bike

Some recent Stats:

> During Dec 2016, I was able to do 17.5 KM in one hour on trainer. This was after almost 1 year of break from cycling. After 3 months, I am doing 26 KM/hour and doing at least 30 Minute to 1 hour of riding daily, depending on time availability

> Daily riding on trainer along with some minor diet control I was able to reduce my weight by 6 KG in last 3 months.


> Plan to continue the daily rides and increase the intensity, duration, distance slowly and steadily.

> Plan to take out the bike and try some long distance rides in near future

> Some more strength/endurance training, weight training etc for core strength improvement


Great stuff Narayanan, we are glad to help you on this positive journey – happy training!