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An entirely new product – the WPL ForkBoost Lube

Hi all, Arvind here with an update. We recently added a full line of lubricants from Whistler Performance Lubricants of Canada. All WPL products are bio-based, which means no petroleum ingredients, and completely bio-degradable. Great for you and great for the planet.

The product I wanted to highlight today is the ForkBoost lube, which WPL describes as below.

However, I found this short video on YouTube which just lets you see what it does in 90 seconds!

Keeping dirt out of your seals and fork stanchions is a no-brainer and this useful lube does exactly that. I also love how this user applies the ForkBoost lube with his bare fingers, which is perfectly fine because this is a bio-based lube and is not harmful to you! Applying just a little lube does the job and your bottle should go a long way without any wasted overflow.

You can find the ForkBoost lube on our website. The MRP is an attractive Rs. 699. Keep your suspension smooth with a regular dab and wipe.

Montague Bikes and India pricing

Everyone loves a good deal and we’ve got a great deal on the Montague Bikes we stock. It may not be apparent at first glance, so we thought a quick post might help!

If you’re unfamiliar with the full-size folding bicycles made by Montague USA, here’s a video intro.

These are neat bicycles on their own, even before you consider the fact that they can be quickly folded to fit inside a car trunk or fit in a tight spot at home/office.

We sell Montague through our direct-to-consumer website and the pricing in India represents one of the best values anywhere on the planet!

Allow us to show you with the example of the Montague Navigator, a great urban bicycle. Thanks to import duties of more than 30% on complete bicycles imported in India, it is hard for most brands to beat US pricing on a US brand bicycle. The pricing for the Montague Navigator direct from Montague in the USA is USD 959. However, note that this does not include taxes and shipping. When we factor in taxes and shipping, the total price of the delivered bike is USD 1069.

This works out to INR 79,062 at today’s exchange rate.

Here is our pricing for the Montague Navigator in India. This price is inclusive of taxes and shipping!

Yes, that’s INR 62,900 delivered to you! If you do the math, that’s over 20% lower than the price to a US customer. We have managed to do this even though we paid customs duty over 30% and will pay 12% GST on each sale. That’s a whopping win for you, the Indian cyclist who aspires to ride the best bicycles in the world.

The math is similar for all bicycles we stock from Montague. We hope you are as excited as we are to make these bikes available to you. Do not hesitate to reach out to us for any queries about the Montague range.